The Six Most Secure Phones on Earth

Every communication is not for the common man. Secure communication is for specific people and needs to have the necessary confidentiality standards. For this kind of communication, the communication equipment which needs to be used should be 100% secure as well. STUIII is one of the dependable security platforms being used for a long span. However, with advancements in technology, this securer communication system has been replaced by STE (Secure Communication Equipment). Secure communication cannot be carried out even if there are slight doubts about the reliability of the equipment. This secure communication is only meant for people who are connected to the US army or who are related to national security and working for the US government.

Here are six of the most secure phones which can be trusted for confidential communication.

1.  Walker PTT-K-M-EM-95-00 (Black) Push To Talk Handset

One of the key requirements for secure communication that the person with whom the communication is being established should not be able to hear what is being said in the background. The Walker PTT-K-M-EM-95-00 is a push to talk headset that maintains the highest standards of security and the most confidential communication can be carried out using this device. When you talk about phones that block background sounds, this phone proves to be highly successful and it blocks all kind of background sounds as well. This makes the headset perfectly suitable for all kinds of secure communication. In terms of the platform for secure communication, this phone set uses the STE instead of STU-III. It is black in color and has a very economical price. In terms of security standards, this phone set has the highest standards.

2.  Motorola STU-III Secure Phone

There is no doubt that Motorola is one of the most proficient phone manufacturing companies that operate globally. In case of secure phones as well, this company has a very strong reputation. The secure phones manufactured by Motorola and Lucatel use the STU-III technological platform. There are a number of advantages that are attached to this phone set. First of all, it has an economical price so a lot of money does not have to be invested to buy this device. Another benefit of this phone is voice clarity. This is very important for secure communication. This form of communication cannot be carried out using a phone set that has clarity problems. It is important that phones used for secure communication are easy to use and the secure phones by Motorola and Lucatel fulfill this requirement without any inconvenience.

3.  Walker PTT-K-M-EM-95-15 Push-To-Talk Handset

Walker is one of the reputed companies that produce high standard headsets for secure communication. For phones that have to be used for this kind of communication, certain requirements need to be fulfilled. Secure communication has very high confidentiality standards and putting an end to background sounds is one of the key requirements in this relation. The Walker PTT is a phone set with a high level of voice clarity and it puts an end to all kind of background sounds. Thus, when you are involved in secure communication using this phone, you would not get disturbed by any form of background sounds. The phone has a stylish looking appearance and is white in color. When you talk about voice quality, it is nothing less than exceptional. This secure communication phone has an economical price.

In terms of technological platform, this phone uses the STE which is one of the advanced mechanisms for secure communication. This phone acts as a replaced secure communication phones that were produced by Motorola and Lucatel. In technological terms, this is a more advanced phone.

Secure communication phones by Walker cannot be compared to the ordinary options produced by other companies. When this phone is used for secure communication, the background sounds do not cause any disturbance. Background sounds disturbance can hamper the standard of secure communication so a phone set should only be used if it blocks these sounds. If you are planning to buy a headset for secure communication, voice clarity is an important thing which you need to look at. There is no point in buying a headset that does not provide the finest voice clarity.

4.  L3 Office STE phone

L3 is termed as one of the proficient companies that deal with high-quality secure communication phones. The office STE phone by this company is an example of the finest devices. The L3 secure phone can be termed as one of the highest rated secure phones and has various benefits. This phone has been approved by National Security Agency [NSA] and is highly dependable. The clarity of voice which this phone has to offer is amazing.

Secure conferencing is not about voice communication only. Data transfer is also one of the key examples of secure communication. People who use this phone do transfer secure files and this requires equipment that is completely dependable. Along with that, the L3 secure equipment is also used for voice conferencing. This kind of communication is used to discuss highly confidential details. Video conferencing is also an important form of communication that takes place on this phone. Like all other kinds of secure phones, this phone is not meant for normal standard users. It is only used by US army personnel, high profiled government-related people related to US security in one way or the other. The design of this phone has been approved by National Security Agency.

5.  Moscow Washington Red hotline Telephone

When you talk about the most secure phones that have ever been used on this planet, you simply cannot ignore the Moscow Washington Red hotline Telephone. This is not a recent phone and was used during the Carter Administration. The technological platform used to provide communication security was based on encryption. In other words, the messages which were exchanged during this phone were decoded and only the intended people could understand it.  One of the key scenarios where this phone was used for effective communication is when a lot of Chaos was created due to the Cuban Missiles. This is when this secure phone was used to ensure that the confidential messages exchanged were not accessed by unrelated people.

6.  STU-II secure phone

The STU-II technology was used before STU-III was launched. In the present time, STU-III has been replaced by STE [Secure Terminal Equipment]. STU-II phones were termed as highly reliable when they were used. These phones were in the form of a briefcase. This briefcase contained the receiver, dial pad and other necessary hardware which was required to carry out the communication tasks.

Key Requirements of Secure Phones:

If a phone has to be used for the purpose of secure communication, it needs to fulfill certain requirements.

  • Voice clarity cannot be compromised when secure communication needs to be carried out. It is important that the phones used for this kind of communication do not have any distortion. In addition to that, these phones need to have a dependable platform to block the background sounds. In other words, the receiving person, on the other hand, should not be able to listen to the conversations in the background.

  • Encryption of shared information is essential and the platform used for this purpose has to be dependable. The information which is shared between two people during secure communication is extremely confidential. If this information is accessed by people who can misuse it, it can prove to be extremely damaging for the national interest of a country. Thus, countries who use these devices do not take any chances with the security standard of the device. For instance, the US government uses the best secure communication phones which have been approved by the National Security Agency [NSA].

  • Secure communication does not refer to voice conversations only. It also includes video conferencing, data transfer and voice conferencing. A reliable secure phone is capable to execute all these communication tasks without any complication.

  • The technological platform used to design secure phones has to be 100% dependable. For instance, STU-II, STU-III and STE can be termed as highly dependable platforms for the purpose of having secure communication.

  • Secure phones or the communication carried out using these phones is not meant for everyone. For instance, phones that were developed using STU-III and STE technological platforms were not used by normal users. They were only used by people who were US army personnel or were serving the US government in relation to national security.

  • This form of communication should not be accessed by unrelated people. It is classified information that is only meant for the specific audience. However, malicious attackers do try to access this information so that it can be misused to their own advantage. Such attempts are stopped by using a reliable encryption platform which prevents all kinds of malicious attempts.

  • Apart from US army personnel and top government officials, this form of communication is also used by US presidents and top representatives of European Union countries.