Review: Plantronics CS520 Wireless Headset

Which factors do you need to take into account when you take a decision about buying a wireless headset? Customers need to consider various selection parameters including the reputation of the brand, battery talk time, price, technical features and communication clarity. It is good to get a device with the most economical price but there are other factors that matter as well.

The CS520 is one of the best plantronics wireless headsets that are highly recommended for professional usage. At the corporate level, different categories of corporate professionals are using the Plantronics CS520 as it has everything which people working in the corporate sector seek. For instance, people are related to client assistance services look for lightweight devices so that they can take calls during the entire shift without getting tired in any way. Along with that, they opt for wireless devices so that they are able to move about while conversing with the customers. The CS520 offers countless benefits to the user and some of them are listed below.

No need to carry your headset charger all the time

It can prove to be irritating at times for users when they have to spend time on recharging the device every now and then. A good strategy is that you should buy a wireless headset that offers an attractive talk time and does not require lengthy spans to be recharged. If these are your requirements then the Plantronics CS520 is a recommended option for you.

This quality wireless headset offers an impressive continuous talk time of 9 hours. It is quite hard to get hold of another headset with a talk time of 9 hours that has such an economical price. As this headset has such a healthy talk time, you can forget about going through frequent recharging processes. Even if you are in an important meeting session, you do not need to have any apprehensions that the device may turn off due to lack of power. Having a continuous time of 9 hours simply means that you can use the headset for a complete day at work without any recharging. When the device runs out of power, you can recharge it in a short span of time.  For professional use when you may not have the time to check the device repeatedly and recharge the device every now and then, the Plantronics CS520 is one headset which would work for you.

Communicate wirelessly with a good range

A headset that has Bluetooth connectivity with a small range is as bad as a headset that does not have Bluetooth connectivity options. Putting your hard earned money for a hearing device that has a restricted Bluetooth range is not wise thinking by any means. The Plantronics CS520 is one of the wireless headsets that actually offer an amazing Bluetooth range of 350 feet. Working personnel who need to take a lot of calls every day cannot sit on their seats all the time and handle all this communication. The CS520 is a highly suitable headset for such professionals who are involved in a lot of communication every day.

The CS520 is a highly preferred headset by brokerage professionals who have to be on the move or their entire day at work. Along with that, taking calls is an essential part of their daily official routine. These professionals opt for a lightweight headset that has quality wireless connectivity. With a range of 350 feet, the CS520 proves to be an ideal pick for them. It allows them to take calls comfortably while they are not present on their desks.

The Plantronics CS520 is also used a lot by product managers who need to be in contact with their investors as well as customers.  The CS520 is a comfortable and easy to manage headset that fulfills their professional requirements without any problem.  Does the CS520 provide the same standard of wireless connectivity like other wireless headsets? The answer to this question is no. The CS520 provides high standard Bluetooth connectivity and users do not face any connectivity problems if they are not present close to the Bluetooth base.

Communicate in a peaceful way without background disturbance

It is hard to concentrate on an important call when you have people talking in a loud voice around you. It is obvious that you cannot have complete silence at all times. In addition to that, you cannot avoid official calls because you have a noisy environment at work or you are standing in the middle of a crowded place. The best way to deal with this situation is to get a headset that has a dependable noise cancellation quality.

If you have a similar professional requirement, the CS520 is a recommended headset to entertain your needs. This headset has one of the best noise cancellation features which provides complete blockade for background sounds. This helps the user when he has to take a call while being present in a noisy environment. On the other hand, if you are opting for a headset that does not have a noise cancellation feature which you can rely on, you would face inconveniences while attending to professional calls.

Insurance professionals do need a dependable wireless headset for their business calls that have a good noise cancellation feature. The CS520 proves to be quite suitable for them as they need to take calls while being on the move. Insurance professionals do get regular calls from their investors and customers. The CS520 is a comfortable wireless headset that allows them to talk without any background noise disturbance. It is a light weighted device that does not make them tired even when they have to be on long calls regularly.  The CS520 is not one of the bulky and heavy headsets that are hard to wear for long hours.

Block Wi-Fi interferences completely with DECT 6.0 technology

If you are planning to buy a wireless headset, it is important for you to have complete knowledge about DECT technology and how it can prove to be helpful for you. To communicate smoothly with a caller, you need to be sure that the call signals do not conflict with anything. When you are on a call and you have other Wi-Fi connections being used around as well, the call signals would be adversely affected. In some cases, the interference is strong and calls get dropped on urgent basis. You can handle prevent this situation by using a headset that has DECT technology so that the Wi-Fi interferences do not hamper your call quality in any way.

Plantronics CS520 is surely one of the wireless headsets with state of the art DECT 6.0 technology. Users who have the headset can forget about any important call being dropped due to these interferences. The CS520 is a high-quality headset that allows you to communicate in a hassle free manner without getting affected by any kind of Wi-Fi interruptions.

Soundguard technology for impressive ear protection

Opting for a headset that does not have soundguard technology may undoubtedly prove to be a cost-effective option. However, using such a headset can surely prove to be damaging for your ear.  If you are using the CS520, you can rest assured that your ears would be in a safe position at all times. Spikes affect the human ear when there is a sudden change in sound frequencies. The Plantronics CS520 has soundguard technology that keeps the sound frequency within the permitted audible range. This simply means that users can communicate without any apprehensions about getting their ears damaged in any way.

Sound spikes affect a lot of people who use wireless headsets including people who work in contact centers. These professionals need to take calls routed from different parts of the world. As a result, sound frequencies change rapidly during these calls. If you are using the CS520, you can take your customer calls in a relaxed manner without having any worries about sound spikes. As this headset has the soundguard technology, even if there is a rapid change in the sound frequency, it would be kept within the safe audible range.

A high percentage of customers who seek wireless headsets for use at home or work does not give priority to the presence of sound guard technology. Even the ones who know about sound guard technology and its benefits do not give importance to it.  Most customers only give priority to the price that they pay for the hearing device. The Plantronics CS520 is a professional wireless headset that provides proper protection for the human ear.

Comfort level that stands out

How can you carry a headset which is not comfortable to wear? Most users do not check the comfort level of a wireless headset before they think about buying it.  The CS520 surely provides the highest level of comfort to its users. The speakers have a soft comfortable padding on the inside which helps you in communicating for long durations without having any stress on your head. Along with that, the grip is good and the headset fits properly on the head of every user. If you change your posture while taking a call or even walk, the headset would not lose its grip in any way. Plantronics is a proficient concern and produces the best headsets for both professional and personal purposes.

A number of professions use wireless headsets to complete their tasks at work. For instance, software professionals need to communicate with their customers every day when they are working on the offshore basis. For them, a high quality comfortable wireless headset is absolutely essential.  For software professionals, the CS520 proves to be highly suitable and helps them in carrying out their official communication tasks without any clarity problems. The headset is not heavy or bulky so working professionals can easily wear it for the entire day as well.

Easy Audio controls that are within your reach

Every user wants his headset to have controls that are easy to use. It becomes very inconvenient to use a wireless headset when you need to search for the “answer call” button every time when there is an incoming call. However, if you are using the CS520, you can simply forget about searching for buttons. As the controls have been given in a convenient position, your hand would reach out for them in a default manner when there is an incoming call or you need to play a music file. It is quite hard to find a headset that offers so much flexibility to the user.

If you have a profession that requires you take large volumes of calls daily, you need a headset which is easy to use. In other words, you should not face any difficulty in becoming familiar with the interface of the headset and using it in a convenient manner.  The CS520 is surely one of the headsets that offer this facility to the user. Whether you are a customer support professional or a professional trainer using this wireless headset, you can handle your professional calls in an easy manner without any hassle. As the controls are easy to use and remember, customer support professionals, insurance professionals and other people who use wireless headsets for professional purposes do prefer the CS520.

A highly suitable headset for professional purposes

The CS520 is not one of the headsets which suit certain users only. It is a feasible headset for both personal and professional purposes. Some of the key professionals who use this amazing wireless headset at work are listed below.

  1. Contact Center Professionals

Contact center professionals do use headsets for the entire day at work. In other words, the entertaining call is a key part of their professional job description. A dependable wireless headset with high-quality sound is important for both inbound and outbound contact center professionals. The CS520 is preferred by both inbound and outbound contact center personnel. These professionals do not need to take calls only. While taking calls, they need to keep their hands free so that questions raised by the customers can be noted down. This is only possible if you are able to communicate with a hands-free approach. With the CS520, this is very much possible. This headset has a stable firm grip and it does not come off even when contact center professionals move or perform typing work while communicating with the customers.

For contact center professionals, noise cancellation facility is surely an important parameter. Several contact center professionals work together at a time. If they do not have headsets with noise cancellation facility, they would be unable to hear the voice of the customer with clarity. CS520 fulfills all these requirements with ease. As a customer support professional, you can hear everything that the customer says without any form of distortion. The headset has noise cancellation facility so you do not have to worry about any form of background sounds.

  1. Stock and insurance personnel

People who deal in stocks do not have a typical desk job. They are always moving about and taking calls. These professionals get calls from people who make investments as other stakeholders. To take all these calls, they look for hassle-free wireless headsets that have a good battery life. This is because these professionals do not have the time to connect their headset to the charger every now and then.

If you are using the CS520, you can get in touch with your customers and communicate with them smoothly as this headset has an amazing battery life of 9 hours. Thus, you can afford to take calls from your customers without any problem for a maximum time span of 9 hours. Stock professionals find this headset very amazing as they do not have to carry a charger with them.  In addition to that, they also do not need to connect the headset to the charger for long. Stock personnel gets customer calls at all times and they need to answer these calls even after office hours. Thus, they need a headset with a good talk time. As the CS520 has offers a continuous talk time of 9 hours, stock professionals can afford to have communication without any form of interruptions.

The CS520 is a recommended headset for people who work as insurance professionals. These professionals do get a lot of customer calls with different queries related to policies and investments. As they have to answer calls even after normal working hours, they need a wireless headset that has good battery life. With a talk time of 9 hours, the CS520 is undoubtedly an ideal option for them.

Another key advantage of this headset due to which it proves to be suitable for insurance professionals is noise cancellation. Both stock professionals and insurance personnel need to take calls when they are present in noisy environments. The CS520 equips them with the option to handle their calls without getting disturbed by any form of environmental noises. This feature stops background sounds from entering the user’s ear.

  1. Entrepreneurs

People who own businesses to get involved in constant communication. To talk to their employees, managers and other stakeholders, a headset with the comfortable fit, good battery life and quality Bluetooth connectivity is needed. If you are looking for a wireless headset that has all these features, the CS520 by Plantronics would undoubtedly suit your needs.

The CS520 is a comfortable headset that does not have a lot of weight. Whether you are attending an internal meeting session at work or talking to your partners while traveling, this wireless headset would help you in communicating without any constraints. For instance, the headset can be used continuously for 9 hours which is quite impressive. Thus, if you are involved in an important business meeting, you would not have to check the battery status of the headset after every hour. Even if your headset starts running out of power, you can recharge it within a short time span.

Business owners need to concentrate a lot as they need to take critical business decisions on the daily basis. For them, the communication that they have on day to day basis matters a lot. To have this communication in a smooth manner, they need a hearing device that does not have a lot of restrictions. The CS520 is an advanced headset that carries all the modern day features. For businessmen who need to take long calls on the daily basis, the CS520 is a recommended option.

Overall Review

On an overall scale, the CS520 is one of the best headsets by Plantronics. Like all other headsets being produced by Plantronics, the CS520 provides call quality that is amazingly good. Talk time is not a problem as the device can be used for a continuous span of 9 hours. Users do not to sit on their seat till they are on call as this device provides wireless Bluetooth connectivity with a good range of 350 feet. Users can simply forget about sitting for hours near the Bluetooth base and taking their calls. You can move away from your workplace and even move out of the building while being on call.

The CS520 by Plantronics is a very suitable headset if you want a device would last long without any worries. Plantronics devices do not break after being used for a short time span.  One of the key benefits that Plantronics offers to its customers is being there to entertain customer queries and questions. If you are a CS520 customer and you have a question in mind, simply contact the support team and discuss your query. As a customer, you can get in touch with the client assistance team through email as well as live communication. The CS520 offers state of the art call quality to its users. When you have an incoming call, you can converse with the caller without any form of distortions or voice breaking. For professional purposes, high standard of call quality is something that carries a lot of importance.