Is the Plantronics CS540 the best wireless Headset in the world

Quality is not something that is produced simply by talking. This exactly what a lot of headset companies do. They use cheap marketing techniques and convincing statements to get customer attention and sell them their low standard products. Plantronics cannot be placed in the same basket as these companies. Plantronics is a titan headset company by all means and it does not need to use promotional techniques to get customers. The headsets and headphones produced by Plantronics are exceptional in every way. These products are completely dependable and customers can trust them without a doubt.

The high standard CS540 headset by Plantronics

The Plantronics CS540 can be termed as the best wireless headset as it fulfills all kinds of rigorous business requirements that people have these days. In the present time, wireless headsets are used for important business-related tasks. As compared to the other wireless headsets available, the CS540 is more economical and has a higher quality standard as well.

When you are at work, you need to perform your professional tasks without any kind of delay or mistake. Similarly, professionals who use headsets to complete their tasks at work need to be sure that they use the best possible hearing device so that their goals at work are met without any kind of problem. For example, working professionals who are responsible for providing customer support need to communicate with people who call them. In addition to that, they have to understand the problem related to the product or service used is explained.

Once the customer has provided proper details of the problem; the support professional needs to suggest a proper solution. This communication can only be carried out smoothly if the support professional is using a dependable wireless headset so that he can hear what the customer is saying with 100% clarity. This is where the Plantronics CS540 can be termed as one of the best options available. If you are using this headset at work or home, you would be able to hear the breathing sound of the person whom you are talking to.

Professional Uses of the CS540

The CS540 is a highly popular headset for professional purposes. This is one of the main factors which make this headset more successful than all other wireless headsets available. Given below are few professionals who use the CS540 due to its immense benefits.

Inbound and outbound contact center professionals

Working as a contact center professional can easily be termed as one of the most challenging professions. Both inbound and outbound contact center professionals to be involved in communication with customers on a continuous basis. An inbound contact center professional is responsible for providing support. Customers make calls to the support team of a company when they have a query or they face a problem with any of the product functions.An inbound support professional needs to hear what the customer has to say and then has to entertain his query.

If a support professional uses a headset that does not have voice clarity or creates distortion while communicating, there is every chance that the customer would get frustrated. Support professionals using the CS540 can be sure that they would be able to communicate with the customers without any distortion, voice clarity problems or audio issues. You can easily accomplish all these goals if you are using the Plantronics CS540.  The voice clarity level offered by this headset is quite impressive and users do not have to struggle to hear what the customer is saying or make him repeat anything.

The comfort level that the CS540 provides is exceptional. Customer support professionals who need to make outbound calls for marketing purposes or receive calls for providing support need to wear headsets for an average duration of 9 to 10 hours. During this duration, support professionals are on constant calls with their customers. As the CS540 is lightweight, has proper padding on the speakers and carries a good grip. Whole being on call, you do not have to keep your neck in position. As the hearing device has a good grip, you can move your neck and even relax by stretching backward without worrying about the headset coming off.  For customer support professionals, the Plantronics CS540 can easily be counted as one of the best hearing devices.

Traders working in the stock market

There is no doubt that the professional tasks that need to be performed by stock traders require a lot of agility and concentration level as well. Stock traders have to take a large number of calls every day. Investors who invest money in the stock market call their respective traders so that they can get updated information regarding their investments.  For stock traders, the CS540 is a suitable headset due to a number of reasons. First of all, it has a good battery talk time that reduces the stress of recharging.

As the headset has a good talk time, stock traders can afford to use it every day for a maximum span of 7 hours. This is a very attractive battery talk time and most other headsets do not offer anything near it. Stock traders do not have a desk job and they have to take calls even when they are commuting. For instance, investors do even make calls after the normal working hours. Thus, stock traders need to take calls when they are traveling towards home from work. To take calls for long hours without any comfort problems, the CS540 proves to one of the best headset options for stock traders.

For stock traders, it is important to take calls without getting adversely affected by any kinds of sounds that are present in the environment. Backgrounds sounds can only be blocked if the headset has a proper option for canceling background noise. With the CS540, stock traders can carry on with their communication without any kind of problem.

They do not have to worry about sounds in the environment as these sounds do not affect their call quality. Along with that, another key parameter due to which the CS540 proves to be suitable for stock traders is the comfort level that it has. It is hard to wear a headset for long spans if it is heavy or does not meet the needed comfort requirements. The CS540 is lightly weighted so it can be worn easily for even the whole day. Thus, stockbrokers find this headset very useful as they can wear it without getting exhausted. It is a quality headset that is good to wear and easy to carry.

Team Leads and Departmental Headset

Teamwork is essential in the present corporate world. Whether you are working in a small organization or a big one, you would be working as part of a team. Team leads and departmental heads need to communicate with their team members on daily basis. This is a technology dominated time and team meetings are conducted with the help of conference calls. A high percentage of wireless headsets fail to provide quality conference calling options. This is simply because the call quality drops when the headset is connected to parallel headsets. If you are a team leader and you are using the Plantronics CS540, you can get the privilege of crystal clear communication. For conference calling purposes in corporate organizations, this is surely one of the best headsets.

The impressive benefits of the Plantronics CS540

The CS540 is not termed as the best wireless headset without a reason. It has a lot of benefits which make it a more attractive option than other wireless headsets. Some of these benefits are listed below.

Latest Technological Features

Buying a wireless headset with outdated features is as bad as not buying it in the first place. Plantronics is one company that uses the finest technological mechanism to produce headsets. The CS540 can be counted as a highly impressive headset by this company. As it is equipped with the latest technological features, it makes communication very convenient for the users.

No Wi-Fi interference with DECT 6.0 Technology

When a user is communicating wirelessly, the call quality is affected both positively and negatively due to certain factors. One of the factors that have a negative impact on call quality is Wi-Fi interference. When you have Wi-Fi connections in your background, their signals have a negative impact on the overall call quality. As a result, users face distortion, problems with voice clarity and call dropping issues. A call gets dropped suddenly can create various problems for the user particularly if the call is highly important. Work-related calls are extremely important and you need to be sure that they do not get dropped in midway.

A lot of headsets do not have a proper framework to prevent interferences due to Wi-Fi connections. The CS540 by Plantronics is one of the few headsets that provide complete protection from Wi-Fi interferences. As a user, you can easily carry on with your calls without worrying about the number of background sounds that are being used around you. This headset proves to be very helpful as it has DECT 6.0 technology which puts a complete end to interferences from Wi-Fi connections.

In a corporate organization, taking calls is a regular task for most employees. However, for some professions, taking calls without any kind of interference is a critical aspect. People who work as insurance policy agents fall in the same category. One of the most important tasks for these working professionals is to take calls from their customers. Policyholders call their respective agents to communicate about the profit rates, terms, and claims. If you are working as an insurance professional, it is important to use a headset that blocks interferences from Wi-Fi connections so that the calls can be handled in a smooth manner. Now, you do not even have to think about the Wi-Fi connections being used around you because they would not affect the standard of your call in any way.

Communicate comfortably with a Bluetooth range of 350 feet

These days, communication options have become very flexible. The Plantronics CS540 is a high standard impressive wireless headset that comes with a wireless range of 350 feet.  Like a lot of other companies selling headsets only, Plantronics does not make a fool out of the customer by making claims of providing the best Bluetooth connectivity options.

With the CS540, the customers actually have the option to move up to 350 feet from the connected device and talk without any problem. When the user moves away from the base, the call quality does not get dropped. The CS540 is not one of the headsets that come with low standard connectivity options. When you are using wireless headsets by other brands, the connectivity standard would suffer when you move away from the base. On the other hand, when you are using the CS540, you do not have to go through any such problem.

Does quality Bluetooth connectivity prove to be helpful for professional tasks? The answer to this question is yes.  While being at work, you need to take calls and perform a lot of other tasks along with it. For instance, consider that you have an incoming call and you are present in another room that is not near to your workstation where your phone is kept. Going to your workstation and picking the call would surely prove to be a cumbersome process.

If you are using the CS540, you can easily entertain your call easily while being away from the workstation. Having a range of 350 feels simply means that you can move from one room to the next or even go to the other floors while being on call at the same time. It is a fact that having a high standard Bluetooth connectivity option with a highly attractive range of 350 feet makes communication extremely convenient and hassle-free. If you do not want to be restricted in one place and handle your calls while moving about comfortably, the CS540 would prove to be a very productive headset for you.

No background sound disturbance with outstanding noise cancellation

Noise cancellation is something that helps you with calls at both work and home. Whether you are communicating at home or work, you would prefer not getting disturbed by sounds that are there around you. It is obvious that you cannot eliminate all these sounds and tell people around you to stop talking. However, you can surely prevent these sounds from entering your ear and causing the disturbance. This is exactly what noise cancellation is meant for.

The Plantronics CS540 has a dependable noise cancellation option that provides 100% disturbance-free communication by blocking all kinds of environmental noises. Even if you have a plane going over your head, the loud sound would not disturb you in any manner. The noise cancellation option of CS540 actually works and combats the disturbance caused by the loudest of background sounds.

Noise cancellation is a necessity for professions that involve any kind of voice communication. Consider that you are working as a software programmer and you need to provide assistance to your client through wireless communication. If there are other personnel assisting their clients around you, you would need a headset that blocks all these sounds so that you are able to talk to your client in a comfortable manner. The CS540 would serve their requirement in a perfect manner.

Wearing this headset simply means that you would be able to communicate with your client without even thinking about getting disturbed in any way. Most high standard professionals opt for the CS540 as it provides them with the ease of communicating without depending on the environment in any manner. On the other hand, if you do not have a headset that blocks background sounds, you would not be able to communicate in a disturbance-free manner.

In an overall manner, it can be said that noise cancellation is absolutely essential if you want to handle your professional communication in a disturbance-free manner. Official calls are very important and communicating at work with background sounds is extremely hard. Thus, if you are involved in a lot of wireless communication on daily basis, the CS540 is one headset that you need to look at.

Communicate comfortably without any recharging worries

Every wireless headset has a certain talk time that depends on the battery life that it has. If your headset does not have a good talk time, you would have to recharge it after short intervals of time. When you are at work, this can prove to be tough as you may not have the time to recharge your headset while performing professional tasks. Thus, it is always good to have a headset with a good battery life so that the user does not have to recharge it infrequent basis. If you have a similar requirement and you want to have a headset with a good talk time, the CS540 is a relevant hearing device for you.

The Plantronics CS540 comes with a maximum talk time of 7 hours. This simply means that you can communicate using this headset for a duration of 7 hours. For working professionals, this is a very impressive option as they mostly have exhaustive schedules. Thus, they do not have the time to connect the headset to the charger every now and then.

Using a wireless headset that needs to be recharged after short intervals can prove to be a difficult option. Even when you are performing official tasks, you need to connect the headset to the charger every now and then. This results in loss of concentration and has a negative effect on your working performance. The Plantronics CS540 does not have any of these problems and the user does not have to recharge it every now and then. While you are selecting a wireless headset, there is another factor which you need to focus on when you are considering different options.

Try to select a headset that does not require a long span to recharge. Some headsets need to be connected to the charger for several hours before they are fully recharged.  This is not the case when you are using the CS540. It gets recharged completely in a short duration. Thus, once the battery of the device has been consumed fully, you do not have to wait long before it is recharged.

Complete ear protection with Soundguard Technology

A lot of users do not know that ears can get damaged while communicating wirelessly. This usually happens when the sound frequency is not stable and changes rapidly. This rapid change can even cause permanent damage to the hearing ability of a person. Thus, as a user, you should be careful when you are finalizing a headset for wireless communication. Opting for a reputed headset by a prestigious brand is always a good move as this provides a surety that your hearing ability would not be damaged in any manner.

If you talk about the best wireless headsets that help you in communicating without your ears getting damaged, you would find the Plantronics CS540 at the very top. The CS540 has soundguard technology as one of the many advantages. Soundguard technology provides a mechanism to protect the ear against rapidly changing sound frequencies and sound spikes. This technology reduces the frequency of the incoming sound to the permitted audible limit so that the hearing ability of the user does not suffer in any manner.

Some professions require constant communication throughout the day on regular basis. Customer support is one of them and people who are a part of this profession are constantly busy on calls whether they are working as inbound agents or outbound ones. While taking calls from different locations, the sound frequency does change rapidly and this can be damaging at times. Support personnel who use the CS540 can simply forget about any ear damage problems. Irrespective of the location from where the customer is calling, sound frequency above a certain limit would not enter your ear in any manner.  Due to this feature, the CS540 is a more recommended wireless headset than the other options available online.

Comfortable grip and multiple wearing styles

A lot of users make mistakes when they select headsets without checking whether it is comfortable to wear or not. These users simply check the price tag and make a selection it price is within their range. Once they wear the device they figure out that the selection was wrong. The Plantronics CS540 can be counted as one of the best headsets globally in terms of comfort. The headset is light weighted and the user does not get tired while wearing it.

Even if you have to wear the headset for 24 hours on all days of the week, you would not even feel the slightest of exhaustion.  This is exactly what users expect from a high-quality wireless headset. They prefer headsets that are light weighted and can be worn easily without feeling any kind of burden. Unlike a lot of other headsets, the CS540 does not come off when the user is climbing down the stairs or gets up from his seat to relax. The CS540 is light weighted but has a very firm grip so users can easily move around while using it.

While selecting a headset, having the correct wearing style is important as well. If you are not comfortable with the wearing style, it would be hard for you to wear a device. If you are using the CS540, you do not have to be concerned about the wearing style. This headset can be worn using the “over the head” style, “on the ear style” and “behind the neck style. As a user, you have the option to choose a style that matches your needs.

For instance, if you are working as a team manager and you need to conduct meetings through wireless communication modes, the “over the head” style would prove to be suitable for you.  Similarly, when you are going home, you can use the “over the ear” style and handle your personal calls as well. Thus, if you have the CS540, you can easily use it for both personal and professional communication.

Easy Conference Call setup

With so many technological advancements, communicating through conference calls has now become a very easy process. In other words, users do not have to go through a lengthy procedure if you they want to communicate through the conference call. With the CS540, the process is highly convenient. The CS540 can be connected to three other CS540 wireless headsets or any headset of the Savi series. If you have the CS540, you do not have to worry about handling your conference call communication.

At the corporate level, the conference call is an important mode of communication. It helps in effective teamwork and executing professional tasks in a coordinated manner. The quality conference call can only be carried out properly if quality headsets are used. The CS540 is a proficient headset in every day so you can communicate through conference calls without any kind of problem.

Convenient and easy to use controls

If your headset does not have controls that are easy to use, you would face a tough time while you are using the headset regularly. It is good to consider the ease of controls when you are seeking headset options. This would give you an idea of whether you would be able to handle your communication without inconvenience or not.

Users can face several issues when the headset does not have an easy to use of controls. For instance, consider that you have an important incoming call. If you are not well versed with the controls of the headset and they are hard to use, you would have to search for the relevant control and answer the call. This would prove to be quite inconvenient for you as a user. Other than that, this searching may also result in the call getting dropped.

Users of the CS540 do not have to worry in any manner as this headset has easy to use controls. When you have an incoming call, you can reach for the controls in any easy manner.  This headset has an easy to use set of controls and the user does not have any problem in remembering them. With Plantronics CS540, you can simply forget about important calls getting dropped due to complicated controls.

The Adaptive Power Management Feature

The battery of CS540 does not consume at the normal rate when the headset is present close to the base. When you are present near the base with your headset, the battery would be consumed at a slower rate. Thus, if you are near the base and using your headset, the battery would last for a longer span.

Customers who are searching for headsets for the first time would figure out that this feature is not present with a lot of wireless headsets. In most cases, battery power gets consumed at a much faster rate than mentioned. Along with that, users have to connect the headsets for long durations to recharge them. As the CS540 has an adaptive power management system, the battery gets consumed at a slower rate when the headset is placed near to the base. Similarly, when you are away from the base and using the headset, the battery would be consumed at a faster pace.

Exceptional Audio Quality

Choosing a headset that does not have a good audio quality is nothing less than wasting your money completely. Low standard headsets that have incredibly low prices to attract the customers but their audio quality is simply unacceptable. While using these headsets, you would not be able to hear the person you are communicating in a clear manner. Distortion is another problem which you would face. In addition to that, the audio quality of these headsets reduces to lower levels when they are used on the continuous basis.

For instance, consider that you have an incoming call and your headset does not have the needed standard.  In this case, you would not able to hear the voice of the caller clearly and he would most likely drop the call if he is unable to communicate smoothly. Low audio quality causes a disturbance when you are listening to audio files. Due to low audio standard, users find it hard to listen to the music notes.

Like all other headsets by Plantronics, the audio quality of the CS540 is quite amazing. Whether you are taking an incoming call or listening to an audio file, you would not have any clarity problems. The audio quality of this headset does not depend on the location of the caller. Whether a caller is present near you or at a distant location, the CS540 offers the finest audio quality.

Highly efficient CS540 customer support

Plantronics is one of the finest headset companies in the world and an important factor due to which people prefer it over other companies is customer support. For Plantronics, its customers matter the most and the company makes sure that they are satisfied and convinced with the product quality at all times. For this purpose, the company has a dependable support team to help customers.

As a customer, if you have any question about the CS540, you can contact the support team whenever you want. Even before you purchase the headset, if there is a question in your mind, you can contact the support team without any problem. The support team of Plantronics does not work with time restrictions. To provide the best support to the customer at all times, the support team is there on 24/7 basis. Customers buy Plantronics CS540 from all over the world. Thus, they do not have to look at their watches and make a call according to the required time zone. Plantronics is there to help the customers at all hours so that their queries do not get delayed and they do not have any confusion as well.

There are multiple modes to get in touch with the support team and the customer can make a selection. One of the common modes is the use of email. If you have a query, you can write an email and send it. When the support team would receive the email, it would look into your query and send a response on the priority basis.

Other than that, if you are seeking a quicker response, you can communicate through the online chat option with one of the company representatives. Customer support is provided by a dedicated team which works efficiently to help the customer in every way. Unlike another headset a company, Plantronics does not make its customers wait to answer queries and entertain concerns. Customers can also make a call on the toll-free number of the company to get their questions answered.

A proper product warranty with the CS540

Plantronics works in a completely professional manner and one of the key examples of this is that each product is backed by a company warranty. When you purchase the CS540, it would have a proper company warranty. This simply means that if there is a problem with your headset after purchase and the headset is under warranty, you can get the repair work or replacement is done without paying any cost. In addition to that, the customer does not have to adopt a lengthy procedure if he wishes to get a warranty claim. He can simply provide the warranty details to one of the support team members and required assistance would be provided to him at the earliest.

Unlike the Plantronics CS540, most other headsets do not come with dependable warranty claims. The companies producing these headsets do make promises but when the customers apply for warranty claims, they simply end with lame excuses. On the other hand, Plantronics can easily be counted as one of the most dependable concerns that pay a lot of attention to the satisfaction of its customers. The support team works efficiently to entertain the warranty claims of all the customers.

The Digital Signal Processing feature

The audio quality of a headset that has a digital signal processing feature is highly impressive and users can hear each and every word with complete clarity. This is also one of the key benefits of the CS540. It has a digital signal processing option that helps in getting highly impressive sound clarity. This standard of sound is important when you are present in a noisy atmosphere. The users of CS540 can be sure of receiving immensely clear sound with this headset.

CS540 can be attached to an HL 10 lifter

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Do you know that you can put a phone receiver off the hook and then back in its place without touching it if you are using the CS540? This can be done by connecting the headset to an HL lifter. This feature proves to be very when you get an incoming call on your business phone and you do not have the time to go towards the phone and entertain the call.

During busy schedules and important meeting sessions, you may not be present near the business phone. By connecting the CS540 to the HL 10 lifter, you can put the receiver off the hook and take your call simply by using the related controls on your headset. You do not have to leave an ongoing professional take, come towards the phone and take the call. Once you are done with the call, you can use the same function and put the receiver back in its place.

Connecting the CS540 to the HL10 lifter proves to be very advantageous for a user. It allows you to communicate for long hours in the hands-free mode. For top-level managers and businessmen, this provides immense convenience. These professionals have busy schedules and do not have the time to hold receivers every now and then. They perform various other tasks apart from taking calls. Even when they are taking calls, they are performing various other professional tasks with it. Thus, for them, the CS540 with the HL10 lifter proves to be extremely helpful.

Key Reasons due to which the CS540 is the best wireless headset:

  • Users who search for headsets on the internet expect few things. The CS540 easily fulfills all the expectations of the user due to which it can be counted as the best wireless headset on a global scale. One of the exceptions customers have is the comfort. Even if you are getting a headset for free, you would not wear it if it is not comfortable. The CS540 is an extremely comfortable and good to wear the headset. It gives a good feeling when worn and the user can wear it for long spans of time without any form of ear itching or irritation. The basic purpose of any headset is communication.

    Whether you are using a wired headset or a wireless one, you would not find it useful if it does offer a good level of voice clarity. The CS540 is amazing when it comes to voice clarity. As a user, you can hear the voice of the person you are talking to you with complete clarity. During calls, you would not face any kind of distortion as well. Call distortion can prove to be a problem when you are taking important calls. When there is a lot of distortion, calls even get dropped. Thus, it is important to get a headset that provides outstanding call clarity.


  • The CS540 is preferred over a lot of other headsets due to the amazing advanced features that it brings along. Noise cancellation is one of these features. When you are taking a call, the environment around you would decide the communication would be negatively affected or not. In most cases, the environment around you may not be completely calm and there would be some form of sound around you.

    To communicate without getting adversely affected by the noise in the environment, you need a headset with exceptional noise cancellation. The CS540 has a highly impressive noise cancellation option that prevents even the sharpest and loudest of ears from entering your ear. Thus, if you are using the headset for making calls at work, you would have to think whether people are standing around you or not. This is because the sounds in the background would not disturb your call quality in any way.


  • Can a particular headset be worn for an entire day at work? This is the first question that you need to have when you are considering headsets on the internet. When a headset is not comfortable, it would be hard to carry it for a complete working day. The CS540 is immensely comfortable and you can wear it at work for the entire day. Secondly, it is light in terms of weight. Thus, when you wear it for long hours, you do not feel tired of anyway. Due to this factor, it is recommended for people working in call centers.

    They need to wear headsets for the entire day at work. During the time which they spend at work, they get numerous calls from different customers. When they use headsets which do not have the desired comfort level, their concentration slips and the professional conversations that they are involved in suffering. If you are working as a contact center professional, you should opt for the CS540 as you can wear it for long hours without any form of irritation.

  • Customers who are looking for headsets do not have complete information about it. Thus, when they feel that the headset would be suitable for them, they also have certain questions in their mind. To entertain these questions in the correct manner, the headset company should have an efficient support company working professionally. With the CS540, Plantronics offers 24/7 support to the customers so that they can clear their confusions about the headset.

    For instance, if you want to know whether the HL 10 Lifter comes within the price of the headset or is an additional component that you need to purchase, you would get in touch with the support team. The support team of Plantronics comprises of experienced professionals who do not take a lot of time to resolve customer queries. When a customer has any query, he can simply write an email to the support team and his problem would be handled in a professional manner.

  • Users of the CS540 do not have to think about the disturbance due to Wi-Fi connections when they are using this hearing device.  This is simply because interferences by Wi-Fi connections are blocked as the headset has DECT6.0 technology. In simple terms, DECT technology puts an end to interferences from Wi-Fi connections.

    Even if you have several Wi-Fi connections being used around you, you can be sure that your call quality would not get affected in any way. No calls get dropped due to Wi-Fi interferences when the users are using the CS540.  When you are handling calls at work, this communication is highly important and calls getting dropped can prove to be a problem. For instance, if you are working as an investment professional, you would get numerous calls from people who have invested their money.

    At work, you would have other Wi-Fi connections being used around you. If you are using a headset that does not have the ability to block these sounds, the call quality would suffer. On the other hand, if you are using the CS540, these connections would not make any difference to the communication you are having. The CS540 provides an assurance of smooth communication as it blocks Wi-Fi interferences without any problem. If you go through the advantages that the CS540 offers to its users, you would reach the conclusion that it is an ideal headset for both personal and professional purposes.