16 Headsets and Headphones Perfectly Designed For Travellers

If you are planning to travel and you want to carry a good headphone with you, you should pick one that is compatible and easy to carry.  A largely sized headset which may only be suitable for office usage may not be feasible for traveling purposes. For traveling, you need a device that is light weighted and does not occupy a lot of space. Apart from that, the device should provide clear reception irrespective of the area in which you are present. Plantronics headsets meant for traveling purposes are preferred over most other brands. These devices have a better standard in terms of call quality, battery life and standard of sound.

Given below are 16 top quality headsets which prove to be highly suitable for traveling purposes.

1. Plantronics CS520 Wireless Headset

This is surely one of the best Plantronics headsets in terms of traveling. The device is lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear. You can use this headset without a lot of recharging requirements as it has a standby time of 9 hours.  Users can easily communicate even when they are standing at a noisy airport as the headset has a noise cancellation quality that puts a complete blockade against background sounds. This headset provides complete ear protection as it has Sound Guard technology which prevents the sound frequency from going above a certain level.

Wi-Fi interferences have a negative effect on the call quality. These connections cause call distortions due to which a person is unable to hear an incoming call properly. The CS520 solves this problem properly as it has a DECT 6.0 feature. DECT 6.0 technology blocks Wi-Fi connections completely so that the user can communicate properly without any call being dropped.

Corporate professionals who use wireless headsets do opt for devices that are lightweight and comfortable to wear. This helps them when they use the headset in important meeting sessions and critical conference calls.

2. Plantronics CS540 Wireless Headset

The CS540 is one of the best options to be carried for travel. The headset has three wearing styles and the user has the option to choose one according to his suitability. The headset is lightweight and can be easily worn for long flights as well as when you are going for a tourist destination. The CS540 provides you with the facility of communicating at a wireless range of 350 feet.

While traveling, users have to take calls at airports as well as in other populated areas. It is hard to hear the caller clearly when there are a lot of noises in the environment. If you have a quality wireless headset that has a proper noise cancellation option, you can communicate peacefully even if you are standing in a noisy place. With the CS540, you can take your calls without any disturbance even when you are standing in the middle of a busy street with several people around you. The CS540 comes with a proper noise cancellation option that you can count on. While you are using the CS540, no background sound would cause any disturbance for you.

3. Plantronics CS530 Wireless Headset

The Plantronics CS530 is one of the most preferred wireless headset options for traveling purposes. It occupies very less space and has a comfortable fit. Even if you wear for long flights, you would not even get slightly tired. The CS530 has provided quality Bluetooth connectivity up to a maximum distance of 350 feet from the base. Users also do not need to think about getting disturbed due to background sounds as the headset provides a noise cancellation feature which blocks all kinds of noises in the environment.

4. Jabra Motion UC USB Wireless Headset

This Jabra Motion UC headset is a highly recommended headset to be used for traveling. It has Bluetooth 4.0 has a very comfortable fit. Along with that, the headset has an intuitive calling feature. There is an indicator light which blinks to show that you are on an ongoing call.

5. Plantronics CS510 Wireless Headset

The CS510 is one of the advanced wireless headsets that are perfectly suitable for traveling purposes. It blocks all kinds of background sounds with perfection and users can afford to communicate in a smooth manner without being affected by environmental sounds. Using this wireless headset does not cause any threat to the human ear as it has Soundguard Technology. This feature helps the user in preventing sound spikes and sound frequencies that are above the safe audible limit. When you are traveling, you may not have the time to recharge your headset when it is needed. Thus, it is better to have a headset with a good standby time when you are traveling. The CS510 proves to be good as it does not need to be recharged till a span of 9 hours after being charged fully. The device has DECT 6.0 feature which helps you in preventing interferences from Wi-Fi connections.

As a user, if you are opting for a headset that needs to be used while traveling, ensure that the selected device is lightweight and sleek. Heavy and bulky devices are hard to wear and occupy a lot of space. The CS510 is very lightweight and easy to carry. Even if you wear the device for the entire day, you would not even feel that you are wearing anything.

What is the point of buying a wireless headset when you cannot move freely and communicate without any interruptions? If the CS510 is a part of your travel pack, you can take your calls while walking away from workstation up to a distance of 300 feet. Thus, if you are in an official meeting and your phone in another room, you can take your call using your CS510.

6. Plantronics CS540-XD Wireless Headset

CS540-XD is one of the most reliable Plantronics headsets in terms of battery power. The device has a swappable battery through which unlimited talk time is provided to the user. During a call, if your internal battery runs out of power, you can shift to the alternate battery with a single command. While traveling, users have to take calls that are extremely important. The swappable battery feature eliminates the restrictions in terms of battery power.

Plantronics headsets offer impressive Bluetooth connectivity options to the users. The CS540-XD allows its users to move to a maximum of 350 feet from the Bluetooth base and talk in a convenient way.  You cannot select a headset for traveling which has any kind of comfort problems. This headset is lightweight and extremely comfortable. It is a highly recommended headset for traveling. In terms of space as well, this hearing device is easy to carry. The internal battery of this device offers an impressive talk time of 6 hours. Even when you have to recharge the device, you can do this by spending a short time span.

If you are traveling for official purposes and you need to communicate through a conference call while being on the move, the CS540-XD would be helpful. The headset can be connected to a maximum of three other wireless headsets without hampering the connectivity standard.

7. Plantronics CS545-XD Wireless Headset

If you are seeking one of the Plantronics headsets that offer amazing talk time to the user, the CS545-XD is one of the suitable devices for you. The user can take advantage due to an unlimited talk time feature. Once the internal battery of your headset runs out of power, you can switch to the alternate battery without going through a complicated procedure.

The talk time offered by the headset is quite impressive and the user can talk continuously for a span of 6 hours before the internal battery has to be recharged. When you are traveling, you would not have to connect this hearing device to the charger after every hour. It offers a noise cancellation option which you can count on. In other words, even the worst background sounds would not prove to be a problem for you.

It is a comfortable and easy to carry device by all means. You do not need to go through any neck pains or headaches after wearing it.

8. Jabra Motion Office UC Bluetooth Wireless Headset

This incredible headset by Jabra has an amazing continuous talk time of 8 hours after you have charged it 100%. This proves to be a good option while traveling as the user does not connect the device to a charger every now and then. For quality wireless connectivity, this headset is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0.

9. Jabra Motion UC MS USB Wireless Headset

The Jabra Motion UC MS USB has an option through which the sound is adapted according to the environment. It is a very comfortable “in the ear” device that can be worn easily during flights. The standard of connectivity is quite impressive and you can handle wireless calls without any form of distortion.

10. Plantronics Savi W420 Binaural Wireless Headset

The Savi Series comprises of the most professional wireless Plantronics headsets and the W420 is one of them. It is lightweight and offers the best standard of comfort to the user. If you need to make important business calls while traveling, the Savi w420 would prove to extremely helpful. If you using this headset, you can make important calls irrespective of how noisy your environment is. This headset has a proper noise cancellation option which puts an end to background noises. The user can communicate smoothly even if he has Wi-Fi connections in his background. Through DECT 6.0 technology, all kinds of background sounds are blocked completely.

11. Plantronics Savi W410 Wireless Headset

The Savi W410 is one of the highly preferred wireless Plantronics headsets. With an impressive wireless Bluetooth range, users can go through wireless communication without being situated near the base. Users do not need to go through the cumbersome process of frequent recharging as the Savi 410 offers a good continuous talk time to the user. It has an adaptive power management system which proves to be very helpful for the user. Through this system, the battery is consumed at a slower pace than usual. This feature does enhance the talk time offered to the user.

It is hard to travel with a headset that is heavy or uncomfortable. The users of Savi W410 do not have to face any of these problems as it is a very comfortable device. Whether you are wearing the device during long meeting sessions or long flights, you would not feel tired wearing it. This is simply because it is a light weighted device.

While you are traveling, you would be making calls even when you are in noisy places. Thus, it is important that your headset has a proper option to block background sounds. The W4110 has an elite noise cancellation option that puts an end to background noises in a complete manner. In other words, you can listen to your calls with 100% clarity even when you are standing under a flying plane. If you are using the Savi W4110, you would not get disturbed by any sound in the environment.

12. Plantronics Savi W430 Wireless USB Headset

The headset has DECT6.0 that offers smooth uninterrupted communication as it blocks all kinds of Wi-Fi interferences. For traveling purposes, you need a device that is lightweight and easy to carry. The Savi 430 fulfills both these requirements. The device has a reliable noise cancellation feature with the help of which you can continue your communication without facing any disturbance due to background sounds.

While traveling, you may be required to go through important business meetings involving conference call. The Savi 430 can be connected to 3 other wireless headsets for conference calling purposes. In terms of comfort, it is quite hard to find a better option than the Savi 430. It is easy to wear and comes with a comfortable “over the ear” design. It is compatible and can be carried easily as it does not need a lot of space. The voice clarity is quite good and you can hear the voice of the caller without even the slightest distortion.

A good headset for traveling should have quality Bluetooth connectivity with a good range. The Savi W430 has a high-quality Bluetooth connectivity option with a very good feature. You do not have to sit next to the base while communicating. With the Savi W430, you can move to a maximum distance of 300 feet and talk without any form of interruptions.

Like all other Plantronics headsets, the Savi 430 maintains the best user comfort standards. Even though the headset has an “over the ear” design, the device does not get off even when the user is moving or changing his posture. The headset has a good fit and the device settles properly on the ear.

13. Plantronics Savi W440 440 USB Wireless Headset

The Savi W440 is a modern-day wireless headset by Plantronics recommended for official use. In addition to that, if you plan to use a dependable headset while you are traveling, the Savi 400 would surely prove to be one of the best options for you. It is light weighted and very comfortable to wear. During long meeting sessions and calls, you can easily wear this device without having any tiredness. Quality noise cancellation is one of the many benefits which are offered by the Savi 440.

If you are in an environment where there is a lot of noise in the background, it would be hard for you to listen to the voice of a caller. However, if you have a wireless headset with a good noise cancellation option, you can surely hear the voice of the caller without any worries. The Savi 440 is surely one of the headsets that fall into this category. It provides an exceptional noise cancellation facility to the user. If you are standing in the middle of a noisy street and taking a call, you would be able to hear the voice of the caller without any kind of problem.

The Savi 440 is also one of the best options for traveling purposes. It is not large in size so does not occupy a lot of space. Other than that, the call quality and audio standard are nothing less than exceptional.

14. Plantronics Savi W720 Wireless Headset, Binaural Headset

Like all the other headsets of the Plantronics Savi Series, the W720 is an outstanding wireless hearing device by all means. It offers everything which users seek these days. The device is highly comfortable and gives a comfortable feel when worn. Users do not need to take their calls by standing near to the device which the headset is connected to. The Savi W720 has an impressive Bluetooth range of 300 feet. For instance, if you are standing near your workstation, you can move to the next room or even walk down the stairs while being on call.

While using the W720, users do not get disturbed due to background sounds as the headset has dependable noise cancellation options. For instance, if you present in a noisy place and you get an important call, you can take the call without being apprehensive about the sounds in the background.  If you need a suitable wireless headset to take along for traveling trips, you should opt for the Savi W720. For corporate purposes, this is definitely one of the most commendable wireless hearing devices.

15. Jabra Stealth UC USB Wireless Headset

Jabra is a highly reputed headset company which produces state of the art wireless headsets for corporate users. The Jabra Stealth is a comfortable and compact wireless device meant for traveling purposes. It is light weighted and can be worn for long spans without going through any kind of discomfort.

16. Plantronics Savi W710 Wireless Headset

This is a lightweight monaural headset that is used commonly during traveling phases. It is comfortable to wear and offers an impressive battery life of 9 hours. This simply means that once the device has been fully charged, you can use it for a continuous span of 9 hours without any recharging. While traveling, this proves to be a beneficial feature as users do not have to search for charging points every now and then.

The Savi W710 offers amazing call quality and standard of sound. As it has a proper noise cancellation option, users can hear the caller’s voice clearly even if they are not present in a quiet environment. To stop interferences from Wi-Fi connections, the headset has DECT 6.0 feature that prevents surrounding Wi-Fi connections from hampering the quality of your call.

As a user, you may be required to make conference calls if you are traveling for official purposes. With the Savi W710, this is very much possible. The headset can be connected to a maximum of 3 headsets if a conference call has to be made. The Savi W710 offers a good battery life and does not need long hours to be charged again.

While selecting a wireless headset as a traveler, there are few factors which hold importance. First of all, the device needs to be light weighted and have a sleek appearance. This would make it easy for you to carry it. Bulky devices occupy a lot of space and it is hard to carry them while being on the move. The device needs to be comfortable so that you can wear it for long durations without the slightest of difficulties. Ensure that the headset is selected device offers 100% voice clarity and high standard Bluetooth connectivity. When a person is traveling, he needs to communicate while being present in different places. You may need to entertain a call when you are walking on a crowded street. To handle calls without any background noise disturbance, a headset with exceptional noise cancellation feature is needed. This helps you talking without interruptions even when you are not present in a calm environment.